Testimonials for Christie and Spirited Contribution


What Christie does: 


Help leaders to have greater insight into their strengths and opportunities to develop


Engage in appreciative inquiry with the goal of becoming more centered, resilient and in integrity with ones values


Leaning into discomfort and developing new skills in change management, inspiring and influencing others, and innovation


Living in the present and focusing on what is within your control


Deb Dagit, Chief Diversity Officer



Christie Hardwick—A thinking partner and minister who builds holistic leader capability by facilitating powerful learning, diversity and spiritual experiences.


Teri Riddle, Managing Director, Crossland Group





Christie Hardwick is an extraordinary partner and guide for leaders, teams and organizations that want to design and fulfill on a bold vision.  She has an exceptional ability to crystalize passion, purpose and planning into a coherent strategy that engages people across the entire enterprise to do their best work.  Christie is one of very few people who can combine cutting edge theory and pragmatic actions such that people are inspired to create and operationalize a bold new future.  She brings fun, creativity and collaboration to everything she does.  As a result of working with Christie you will be left with a profound sense of appreciation for yourself and your colleagues.


Rayona Sharpnack,

President, Institute for Womens Leadership

Author, “Trade Up” Redesigning your work and life from the inside out







“Christie brings a deep understanding of the executive leadership experience to her work.  She designed and delivered for Out & Equal a program for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender senior executives that received rave reviews each year since inception.  I attribute her success to a rare combination of experience and intelligence with a style that is truly inclusive and engaging.  Christie is creative, thoughtful, and always prepared.  I can be confident that any program that she delivers will be a success.”

J Kevin Jones Jr
Deputy Director
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates




Leading other leaders through open ended conversations is challenging.  Bringing those leaders and their thoughts together for a recognizable result is artistry.  Accomplishing both with a heartwarming elegance is masterful.  I have experienced Christie’s ability to create masterpieces on numerous occasions and each time I find myself inspired.  







Chuck Wolfe

President and CEO


Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute