The ABCs of An Extraordinary LifeChristie lived a month in Paris and fell in love with the city while walking through dozens of neighborhoods rich with history, art and life. In between café and art gallery stops she tried to capture the beauty of the city. These photographs are a glimpse of the splendor she saw around every corner. When she returned home she took The ABC’s of an Extraordinary Life which she had written before leaving for the “City of Lights” and paired them with some of her favorite photos for your pleasure and inspiration. The first run of the book sold out in a few weeks and Christie is still getting notes of appreciation from around the world. Enjoy.

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Keep the Lights On
What if I Believed
Sacred Son
Where My Heart Resides
I Don’t Know
It’s Your Cue
Fruits of My Thinking Now
You Always Have Your Way
Large Women
Moving Toward the Light
Let Love be Your Goal

Heart Songs by Christie

Many indigenous people throughout the world have a tradition of ‘singing in’ those being born. Many times their song is created by women of the village while the child is still in the womb. This song becomes the child’s personal song and is sung at all major events in their lives. Christie has taken this tradition and is bringing it to families throughout the U.S. As a singer and songwriter and a woman of both Native American and African American descent Christie’s unique sound and sweet lyrics are becoming a new family ritual for welcoming children.


Packages begin at $150 and include, original song recorded, personalized cd and cd cover and printed original lyrics which includes your child’s name. This is also a wonderful gift for grandchildren, nieces and nephews and beloved friends.

Depending on your location Christie may also be available for performing and/or teaching the song in person to family and friends. Additional fees apply.

Contact Christie to make an appointment for your ‘nterview’ here she gains the insight to write your child’s heart song.

A satisfied new mom wrote:
Yes, we received them and they are so very sweet… Thank you so much for taking the time to write these songs for our little ones. I am very excited to hear you sing them live at my mother’s house next Monday. What an enchanting voice you have. And you captured the rhythm for each of them exactly as I would have imagined.