Spirited Contribution Keynotes

Perhaps you want more than individual work; perhaps what you need is to introduce the spirited contribution concepts to a group—an event, your annual meeting, a monthly business group. Whatever the gathering, there is a keynote speech for you.

Past keynotes have included:

  • The Power of Identity (knowing how you define yourself and your organization and how to transcend it)
  • Stepping up, Moving Mountains (bringing your full self to everything you do)
  • The Power of Authentic Diversity (what really matters about our differences)
  • The Key to Readiness: “What’s Your Greenlight Criteria?” (when do you decide to move forward to take risks, to call something complete?)
  • How is Your Joy Meter? Does it matter?
  • Spirit At Work (why you should care about personal development)

If one of these topics seems right for you, or if there’s another topic that you’d like to have presented as a keynote, just connect with Spirited Contribution here.

Click here and send a request for topic and time frame and we will get back with you to provide all the info you need to book Christie.