Why I Carry a Fifty Pound Sack of Extra Me – Part 4


Chapter 4.  I don’t exercise enough.


I love to sit and read.  And sit and write and sit and think and sit and work and it leaves little time to move.  I will walk most days for about 30 minutes which mostly lets me maintain my current configuration, unless we go on an adventure for a month at a time somewhere in the world involving food and drink which we do without fail at least twice a year.

I actually love to dance so I bought a 10 class Zumba card.  It turns out I need to be there when the classes are being held, not on a client call, in a plane or at some other appointment.  Occasionally you will find me dancing in my living room, totally blissed out with Motown, but not enough times.


Does it count when I hustle and bustle around the kitchen making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?  There is all that stirring and I don’t use any white flour or white sugar, just yummy brown flour, coconut sugar and real butter.


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Why I Carry a Fifty Pound Sack of Extra Me – Part 3


Chapter 3.  My diet idea is called MEWMOT


MEWMOT stands for Mostly Eat Well Most Of the Time.  This diet is not scientifically backed, no magazine or doctor on TV are touting it but I follow it like a religion.  Sort of, if I’m at Disney or Universal Studios or Italy or South Africa or Mexico (all of which I have done in a 12 month period) all bets are off.  There is a thing called a ‘mochachakarulla’, it’s amarulla, hot chocolate and coffee. Yes they serve those while you are looking for lions.



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Why I Carry a Fifty Pound Sack of Extra Me – Part 2


Chapter 2.  I sometimes eat mindlessly


I sometimes eat mindlessly or to tame  my mind.  My body is never as hungry as my mind is, but I feed my body anyway.  My mind says ‘what do I want’ and rather than sit in contemplation or meditation and listen for the answer, I move toward the kitchen and find something that my mind would find temporarily satisfying.  You see my mind is never truly satisfied, it is in a state of constant questioning, wanting, desiring but never wanting or desiring what is happening in the present moment.  And for a little while food is the answer. Food in the form of a memory- fresh hand churned peach ice cream made using rock salt and ice. Chunky gooey, cold and sweet…


ice cream maker

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Why I Carry a Fifty Pound Sack of Extra Me – Part 1

Chapter 1. I love food


There is no impending famine to prepare for and I don’t think of my body as a sign of prosperity. I love food therefore I eat it often, pretty much whenever I want. Yes, I tend to stick to three meals a day, but I never miss one. I love food. I love its aromas, texture and tastes. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I eat something I like. I like sausage. I like pork chops. I like barbecue ribs that fall off the bone. I like roasted brussel sprouts dripping with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I like pasta with homemade tomato sauce. I love tequila, the good kind. The 100% agave like 1800, Don Julio or Milagro in the big blue bottle. I have it with a splash of lime straight up, like a martini only better. I enjoy wine, especially wine tasting, especially when there is salami and cheese involved.
I like a good salad full of butter lettuce, arugula, cabbage, lentils, avocado and fresh tomatoes from our garden. I like good bread with butter and sometimes jam. I like to make bread with a blend of flours limiting the gluten but maximizing the taste. I experiment with brown rice flour, coconut flour and a small amount of whole wheat. I love to make pancakes with whole wheat flour, bran, flax, and blueberries. I only use real maple syrup. I love a good cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate, dark, preferably with nuts. Champagne is good, Aperol spritz is good. In Italy, when we go to farmers markets, a porchetta sandwich topped with crunchy fat on a bun is good. I’ll do smoothies in summer. My favorites are made with swiss chard, frozen banana, strawberry and fresh ginger. I do admit to being hungry by 11 a.m.
I delight traveling the world to enjoy food with different scenery. Hemingway called Paris “a moveable feast”, that is what I’d call my life.



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Provincetown Inspiration Weekend September 30 – October 2, 2016!

It is my pleasure to announce that registration is now officially open for Provincetown Inspiration Weekend 2016


After 7 years and thousands of hours teaching, learning, speaking, facilitating and coaching in alignment with my understanding of Spiritual Principal, I have been given the designation of ordained minister with “The Centers for Spiritual Living”, teaching the Science of Mind aka Religious Science.

What does this mean?  Religious Science has its roots in the foundational teaching of all the worlds religions. Not the dogma, rituals or ceremonies but the essential nature of Spirit.  I have not been teaching a faith tradition as much as inviting us all to continue to practice conscious alignment with Truth as we understand it.  I only know one truth, I am an expression of something greater than me and I can never be separated from it. This greater thing doesn’t care what we call it, because It lives and moves and has It’s being as us and our level of awareness of It creates our experience.
As much as I am aware of the eternal nature of Life itself, is as much peace, beauty, power, love, wisdom and joy I experience.  I am a continual student and teacher seeking more and more clarity, more and more awareness of the Life that breathes me.

What I try to describe here, has no words —so in celebration of and gratitude for the Vedas, the Bible, the Quran, the Gnostic Gospel, the Poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Mary Oliver, Maya Angelou, my teachers and every source of inspiration I receive from every person, place and thing I have encountered in my life- I offer you the first annual Provincetown Inspiration Weekend.

You can explore the schedule of events, moving speakers, and biographies of our talented artists here 

Will it be “religious”? No. Will it lift your spirit? Yes! Will it try to get you to believe in anything other than yourself? No. Will it inspire you to believe you have within you a greater expression? Yes! 

Designing and producing this weekend is a dream come true, a dream that was waiting for me to be ready.  I have already confirmed a stellar cast that will create and share a musical and spoken word experience that I can guarantee will touch you in profound ways. With plenty of space to enjoy the stunning surroundings that is the tip of Cape Cod, you will participate in three two hour “Inspiration Rallies” , a Taize service and time on the beach and in nature contributing to the good of the precious landscape.


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The Four Levels of Fitness (Part 3 of 3)

Spiritual and Physical


Let me go back to where I started.  I have decided get fit not because I believed there is a right food or exercise plan but because I believed I am worthy of the investment and I am led by the love and appreciation for my life to treat it differently, loving myself in demonstrative ways.  I feel happier when what I think, say and do are in alignment with each other.

One of my most important thoughts is what I believe about my own life… if I believe that I did not create myself and that I was therefore created, I am thankful to that which brought me forth…so I say to myself what a wonderful world…and I appreciate my life and my privilege and my food options and my luxury of exercise for the sake of it and use my work outs as a testament… I testify to the grace of that which gives me life and breath and with my breath —I am caring for my life so that I can give from a more boundless reservoir of energy, vitality and love.

I am coming to the understanding that by loving myself, by taking care of my body I have my actions in alignment with my beliefs and I am more joy made available to everyone in my life… I think better and so I am more wisdom available to everyone in my life. And I am more energized so I am more giving to everyone in my life. And everyone includes me.


Am I suggesting that you start getting fit by meditation or prayer or new self-talk?  You could but, it doesn’t matter where you start to get more fit… it doesn’t matter what condition your body is in now or what condition it is in 12 weeks later, what matters is what it does for your spirit, what it does with what you believe about yourself and the world and how that drives you forward to give.

If you become spiritually fit and align yourself with the highest ideals and act from that place whatever you can do you will do when it comes to your body… you will practice, practice… practice right thinking and you will find yourself experiencing more joy, peace, love and less anxiety, fear, judgment.   And when you are moved to do something that involves your body, it’s a bonus that it may be more response-able… whether it’s being able run, walk, carry, or push your assisted device with more power or use your functioning limbs more powerfully… there is a level of fitness inside of you that cannot be taken away with age, circumstances or any other thing… when you are spiritually fit…your greater expression of health follows as your life.

As for me I will continue to be led by grace of life, the breath that is within me…. and accept help from the source of life and my fellow travelers to stay the course… stay the course toward more joy, peace and love brought out from within… and maybe a smaller waist in the process….” guide my feet while I run this race for I don’t want to run this race in vain”.




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