Why I Carry a Fifty Pound Sack of Extra Me – Part 8


Chapter 8.  The Consequences

The consequences for carrying this 50 pound sack of extra me have not been consistently motivating.  They motivate me when I have to be in a bathing suit or when I’m going to see folks I haven’t seen in a while or when I think how I don’t want my sons to be ashamed of me.  But it doesn’t last.  I made a deal with my spouse that she was to accept me as I am and was never to complain that I wasn’t thin.  Not very fair but it works for me.  She would not dare to tell me how she feels now after 10 years, she’s been so faithful in every way.  I have done my best not to get any worse but as I age its getting harder.   Will she leave me some day if I get too lumpy and bumpy…?  I don’t think so, but she will if I don’t learn to love myself as I am.

fifty pound sack

She and I are foodophiles (is that a word?) together we enjoy great food.  She (who is still the same slim babe I married) feels guilty and sometimes voices it after a meal.  I plug my ears and relish the taste of truffle risotto lingering in my mouth.

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