Why I Carry a Fifty Pound Sack of Extra Me – Part 7


Chapter 7.  The scale doesn’t lie


The scale doesn’t lie but I don’t ask it questions that often.   Mostly the scale has delivered disappointing news.  When it delivered good news, I dreaded getting back on it to make sure all was still well and usually it wasn’t .  If I didn’t weigh myself at least every other day, some portion of a pound would wiggle its way back on to my frame.  Let 10 days go by and it was sure to be at least 3 of the little buggers.  My license tells mostly the truth now.  It says I’m 50 pounds heavier than when I first got my license at 21.


I had a friend I worked with who said the only thing in life that is fair is exercise.  It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t act temperamental, it always gives results.  She’s right about that and the other thing that doesn’t fail is the scale, it never has a bad day and  gleefully adds 10 pounds. Its up to me to do that.  Does it have anything to do with loving dark meat?  Chicken gizzards plump and fried?

fried chicken

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