Why I Carry a Fifty Pound Sack of Extra Me – Part 4


Chapter 4.  I don’t exercise enough.


I love to sit and read.  And sit and write and sit and think and sit and work and it leaves little time to move.  I will walk most days for about 30 minutes which mostly lets me maintain my current configuration, unless we go on an adventure for a month at a time somewhere in the world involving food and drink which we do without fail at least twice a year.

I actually love to dance so I bought a 10 class Zumba card.  It turns out I need to be there when the classes are being held, not on a client call, in a plane or at some other appointment.  Occasionally you will find me dancing in my living room, totally blissed out with Motown, but not enough times.


Does it count when I hustle and bustle around the kitchen making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?  There is all that stirring and I don’t use any white flour or white sugar, just yummy brown flour, coconut sugar and real butter.


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