Spirited Contribution

Spirited Contribution was founded in 2004 by Christie Hardwick to mark her transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship and from having her dreams live in the margins of her life to bringing them full front and center.

While working inside various corporate cultures Christie found her unique approach and expression constantly challenged by the status quo. As she began finding the courage and desire to express her full self she discovered more joy in her work, and her teams were delighted if she broke out in song or created a novel way of presenting ideas. She was effective and joyful and decided she wanted to help other leaders experience this as well.

Making your own unique contribution to work and life infuses it with spirit and spirit at work translates to inspiration for others to show up fully.

Are you ready to make your spirited contribution?

If Spirited Contribution sounds good to you but you’re not an executive leader, there’s still room for you here!

Christie Hardwick is a licensed minister and her work with Spirited Contribution is informed by her spiritual and personal development work.